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Who We Are

BlackInkDigital is a collection of passionate and driven people who believe that we succeed only when our clients succeed. Using our years of combined experience and a keen instinct for lead generation, our team creates opportunities for individuals and businesses to affect their bottom line.

In this era where online visibility is as critical as the quality of one’s business, we strive to give our clients a competitive edge with tried-and-tested SEO solutions. Of course, we’re not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries of innovation, as we recognize the mercurial nature of conducting business in the digital space – it give us a unique vision, and we’ll pour our talents and effort into executing it for you.

We call ourselves a Lead Generation agency first although SEO is a large part of what we do. For all of our clients, their primary goal isn’t just ranking high on Google - it’s bringing in premium qualified leads into their business. At the end of the day, more leads equal higher revenues. For any business owner, ourselves included, we know how important it is to keep the phones ringing.

What's inside our LeadGen Toolkit

Search Engine Optimization

With a well-executed SEO campaign, we’ll help your website outrank your competition on all major search engines. Using keyword research, content optimization, link building and more, we’ll engineer a strategy that ensures definite visibility to your customers online.

Premium Web Design

Great SEO starts on your website. We have a dedicated team of coders and designers who have developed dozens of sleek, user-friendly and incredible performing websites for a variety of industries. Moreover, our websites adhere to your continuing SEO strategy for increased effectiveness.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

We use PPC in our lead gen strategy to help bring in qualified leads as soon as possible while we increase your organic rankings. Organic traffic is still king and will account for over 77% of your click-throughs. But PPC is a great tool we leverage early on in the campaign to help establish your business as an industry leader.

More of that Voodoo that We do

We use the following tools to achieve our clients goals:

Reputation Management

It helps to know how your customers perceive your brand, and our Reputation Management services will help control and maintain those perceptions in your favor. Social Proof is one of the three pillars of Conversion (the others are scarcity and urgency). In the same way, you ask a friend for restaurant recommendations - your potential customers are doing their homework on you and your business. Having 5-star ratings on your Google My Business result is now imperative to success
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Conversion Optimization (CRO)

Quite possibly our favorite tool in our toolbox is the practice of optimizing your website’s conversion rate. This is getting more of the users filling out that form, calling your number or whichever key performance indicator you specify. Using some really fun tools like heat maps we study your users' interaction with your website and offer. Then through study, we implement A/B split tests to achieve greater rates of lead conversion. It is about increasing the leads without the need to increase traffic - and we live for it.
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Email Marketing (EM)

One of the most cost-effective tools. Whether for communication purposes or promoting your kinds of stuff, it is also the strongest and efficient channel on reaching your target audience. When it comes to producing the highest ROI, email is proven as the champion compared with other marketing platforms. To achieve this, you will need someone who’s an expert on shooting emails in getting someone’s attention to read your content.
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GMB Optimization

Google my Business is a wonderful free tool that helps business owners increase their online presence and visibility in Google Search and Maps. However many GMB listings are woefully under optimized and under utilized. We have some techniques and strategies that have shown to boost GMB results so much its like throwing gasoline on a bon-fire. Its almost unfair to your competitors. Learn more about GMB Optimization and how we can transform you company.
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